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Wed, Mar. 2nd, 2005, 10:42 pm
Leap of Faith...

I couldn't wait for the paperwork to come through. Today I had "the talk" with my managers, who mostly seemed pretty upbeat and pleased for me - even a little surprised I'd generated so much interest from other companies. With good reason - Although I've done work I'm proud of, Evil Amateurish never stretched me to my full potential. Never. Not once. Not even close. They bend over backwards to hire talented people, and then waste them.

Anyway, enough complaining about my current job, I have a new one lined up which I can complain about when I get there ;o) I handed in the letter to the HR department, who are working out how much holiday time I have left, which dictates when I'll be leaving. Probably another fortnight or so, which is perfectly bearable in the Grand Scheme Of Things. Plans for the flat in Leeds seem to be going well, looks like I'll be moving in 1st April, and presumably starting work a week or two after that. Popstar don't appear to be in any huge hurry on that front, which is fine by me.

So, it's done. The wheels are in motion. There's a whole bunch of cliches I could drop in here about a new beginning and jumping in at the deep end and stuff, but it's probably all a bit self-evident. At this point in time I only have two regrets: One involves a party I should have gone to when I lived in Dundee, which isn't relevant to this post. The other is that I should have learned to drive and bought a van by now to ease the pain of moving again. Next time. Next time I'll do it. Maybe.