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Sun, Feb. 20th, 2005, 11:43 pm
Hello, World!

Yup, after many moons of arguing that blogging was a deeply self-indulgent habit, I have finally decided to self-indulge. Mostly the only blogs I see are written by teenage goths who believe that the rest of the world actually cares about their angst, or by geeks who believe they have some truly profound things to tell us all. I will readily admit to being a geek, but I suspect profundity is beyond me. Still, this should at least while away some dull evenings now and again, which can be no bad thing.

So, I don't know what audience, if any, this will be aimed at. Probably some vague kind of format will spring up over time, but until then I'll probably stick with the usual stream-of-consciousness ramblings which I enjoy so much. Expect to read nonsense about my exciting life in the games industry (Yay! Wasn't that whole ea_spouse thing brilliant?!), my alternative life as a manically depressed jester who goes by the imaginative name of Lester (that's right, Live-Action Role Play, or cross-country pantomime to those unfamiliar with the concept), some drunken wibble on evenings when I feel so inclined, and perhaps some whining about my painfully nonexistent love-life which you can feel free to ignore or laugh at as you see fit. Or, you know, express sympathy and surprise that someone as nice as me could have trouble with that sort of thing and ask me out for a drink sometime.

What's happening to Steve today then? Well I'm doing lots of showering and ironing of shirts and generally preparing for what I imagine to be a fairly gruelling three job interviews in as many days. Right now I work for Evil Amateurish Games (there's an acronym in there somewhere I think), and am trying to quit. I've already done an interview with Other Games Corporation Who Aren't Quite As Evil, and they love me, but over the next three days I've got interviews with some smaller, cooler-looking games companies in various parts of England (Bath, Coventry and Brighton, to be precise), and I'm really interested in seeing if being smaller means they're smarter and more dynamic in the way they work, or if they're just as bad and will go bust or be bought by a bigger company over the next year. The games industry is a pretty scary place to be right now in that respect. Either you work for huge companies that shovel out complete pap to the idiotic masses who lap it up year after year, or you work for a smaller company, trying to do something interesting (at least that's the idea) but knowing that when you leave work in the evening the company might not even exist the next morning. I really should have bitten the bullet and learned how to write business software. Although I would probably have killed myself through boredom by now if I had.

Anyway, back to that all-important personal hygiene and train journey planning... If anyone is reading this, wish me luck! Not that I need it, of course, I rock at this games malarkey.